Broomhill Bank School

lifts in Broomhill school

Platform lift for the school

We were contacted by the Broomhill Bank School and Coombs of Canterbury Building Contractors to advise them on alternatives to the platform lift in the school. The needs of the pupils are very specific and the platform lift which was installed previously was not fit for purpose. Titan New Lifts met with the school and gave them advice and showed them a lift which was more suitable.

The three stop platform lift was installed whilst the school was on their Christmas break. The platform lift took two days to install with no major building works required. Working with the school, the platform lift had to meet all regulations set out in Part M of the building regulations, whilst making sure the platform lift fulfilled the clients detail in performance and ascetics.

The school are extremely happy with their new platform lift and have recommended Titan New Lifts to other schools locally. In fact we have just received an order from a school just a stone’s throw away from Broomhill Bank School. Good news travels fast!

Titan New Lifts are delighted with the whole process The project was run between Titan New Lifts ,Coombs of Canterbury and the School. The focus was always on meeting the schoo’sl needs.