Titan New lifts named the best short-rise platform lift company in the UK

short rise platform lift

Titan New Lifts is a UK independent lifts company based in Sidcup, Kent, with manufacturing and logistics facilities in Europe and regional offices in Dubai.  

Best Short-Rise Platform lift Company – UK

Founded in 1997, since inception Titan has been providing comprehensive lifts solutions to the UK lifts market, as well as exporting its products and services to different countries in the world. Steve discusses the firm’s service offering and outlines how it works to ensure every project is delivered to the very highest possible standard.
“Titan New lifts offers a wide product range of vertical transportation and access platforms to private and public buildings. Our services include new lifts installation, modernisation, upgrading, DDA, H&S works, escalators, travellators, services and maintenance to lifts.
“In order to ensure that everyone who works with our firm receives the service and product that they need, Titan lifts is positioned in the market place as a top-quality brand which is also cost aware. We have wide range and exclusive products to suit everyone regardless of budget, requirement and physical space. We have no variation in measuring the success of our projects no matter how big or small the project is. Our commitment to 500 lifts installation project is the same as our commitment to installing one. We value our customers; companies or individuals, we listen to them and we understand their needs and their expectations.”
Looking ahead, TNL has a number of exciting plans in the pipeline to grow both domestically and internationally, as Steve is eager to emphasise.
“Overall, here at TNL we are very proud of our British identity and our exceptional engineering expertise. We are looking at developing our role in supporting our community, and our global aspirations are still growing into becoming one of the leading and key lifts provider worldwide. We at Titan New Lifts want to present the modern state of an industry that has existed for more than 250 years, by offering a personalised customer experience that is not just tailored to the customers’ special requirements but also a great value for money with the latest technology available. This will remain our ongoing focus as we expand and build upon our current success.”

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