About Titan

UK Lift Company

Titan New Lifts Ltd. was incorporated in 2006 and has its commercial offices in Fleet House, Northfleet, Kent in the United Kingdom. In addition, we have manufacturing and logistics facilities across the United Kingdom and in Europe. Our global footprint as a UK  lift company allows us to export our products across the world. As a result, we are able to provide the necessary installation and after sales support to clients.

We manufacture, supply and install high-quality new lifts and elevators as well as servicing and maintaining existing installations. We have won numerous awards for the design and quality of our vertical solutions for public and private buildings. In summary, our faith in our product and installation capabilities allows us to provide excellent guarantees and warranties.

We pride ourselves in our high-quality products that are ISO (International Standards Organisation) compliant. Particularly, the Titan New Lift team identify with clients needs when it comes to meeting ISO requirements and factor these into all their designs and products.

We are responsible corporate citizens and industry leaders in the field of lifts and escalators. Our team will not compromise on safety from the manufacturing floor to the final lift installation. Therefore, we go beyond statutory Occupational Health and Safety requirements in the manufacturing and installation process. Similarly, we exceed minimum regulated safety factors in our designs.

Titan Management Team

Our highly qualified and competent management team have many years of industry experience under their belts and focus on meeting client requirements and expectations. As a result, with the benefit of their collective experience, they can provide the most effective, efficient and cost-effective solutions to vertical lift challenges for your projects. The Titan New Lift professionals are ready to help you achieve project milestones, goals and outcomes.
lift compaany team

Titan work

Titan New Lifts are specialist designers and installers of high quality and safe solutions for new lifts across a wide range of applications, from lifting people in low and high-rise buildings to lifting cars and vehicles in parking garages. Our highly skilled design team can provide bespoke or standard “out of the box” designs and plans for your elevator and lift requirements within very short lead times. Their flexible and collaborative approach allows them to work with you to optimise designs and meet your project budgetary requirements. Their collective experience, knowledge, and dedication will add value to any project.CAR LIFT PITLESS

Our lift  company is also able to offer comprehensive servicing, maintenance and refurbishment options for any elevator. Our skilled and well-qualified technicians are able to carry out preventative servicing and maintenance on all types of lifts, elevators, escalators and moving walkways. When it comes to compliance with local and national laws and regulations, we conduct safety audits of lifts and elevators. Furthermore, we will identify shortcomings, correct faults and arrange for the necessary certifications.

We understand that the bottom line is an important consideration when selecting a lift company to work with. As such we strive to ensure that we communicate costing transparently, while offering value for money to our clients. Additionally, all lift maintenance is completed using OEM part (Original Equipment Manufacturer). OEM parts will be used if there are any necessary services within the warranty period.

Happy Customers

“I have worked with Titan New Lifts on several projects, their knowledge and expertise is of the highest order, it’s always a pleasure working with them”
Kim Horstead Senior Lifts Projects Manager / Ridge & Partners LLP
“We completed several projects with Titan New Lifts in past and found them very cooperative, innovative and easy to work with. Their solutions, to sometimes complex design issues, were nothing short of excellent. We hope to work on common projects again.”
Goran Josipovic (Lift Consultant at WSP group)