Semi-Automatic Car Parking System

Semi-Automatic Car Parking System

Store-Park can alleviate parking problems for a great number of  cars.  It consists of modules that can park a minimum of 5 cars to hundreds of cars. Each system is individually designed and comes with a self- supporting structure and doors.

Titan New Lifts have recently expanded their range of products to include a semi-automatic parking solution for motor cars. This solution can reduce the footprint requirement for parking cars by more than 50% compared to conventional single-level parking lots. The system is safe, secure, efficient, and has a wide range of applications for commercial and domestic sites. Assembly time is considerably less, and cheaper than the alternative of building a multi-level parking garage.


A semi-automatic car parking solution is a modular based system. In its basic form, it consists of a car carrying platform that is raised or hoisted from ground level to a height that allows for another car to be parked under the suspended car. The next level system incorporates a second tier of car carrying platform allowing for the stacking of cars on three levels. Three cars can now utilise floor space that previously could only accommodate one car.

A variation includes the option for the first level to be housed in a pit below ground level leaving only two levels visible above ground level.


Semi-automatic car parking systems are simple to install and do not require extensive foundations. They are electrically powered, and each module of two or three platforms is operated by a single control unit. Once the first module has been installed, parking operations can commence while further modules are installed. The modules can easily be disassembled and relocated to a different site if required.



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