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Car Lifts

Titan New Lifts offer practical solutions for all automotive lifting. To begin with, this includes basement car parking and the storage of motor cars.. We have helped car showrooms, motor manufacturers, hotels, apartment buildings, private individuals and vehicle repair shops. Parking garages are also among our clients. The Titan New Lifts automotive product offering is unique in the lift industry. We design and produce lifts with capacities ranging between one and ten tons. Additionally, our designs and solutions are all client specific and manufactured to exacting standards. Coupled with our experienced team, we use only the highest quality materials. Our automotive solutions are available for motor cars, the full range of commercial vehicles and even motor cycles.

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Quality car lift

Titan New Lifts have the same uncompromising approach to the quality, supply and safety of the installation for their automotive lifts. We follow the same process as with our passenger lifts. Therefore, our highly qualified designers, engineers, and technicians can produce standard or bespoke solutions. The project management methodology we employ allows us to work within your project delivery schedules.

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Types of Car Lifts

Most Titan New Lifts automotive lifts fall within two categories. As a result, they can be either traction or hydraulic fully enclosed car lifts. These lifts conform to EN81 OR they can be hydraulic platform car lifts that comply with the Machinery Directive. Thus, the two options allow us to provide a tailored solution for all car lift requirements.

EN81 automotive lifts generally resemble their passenger and freight carrying cousins but on a larger scale. They can also be used for passenger transport and Disabled Access if required.

  • Commercial and private multi-level parking garages. Generally, this is where the design of the building does not allow for the inclusion of ramps between levels.
  • Inner city hotels, homes, apartment blocks and office blocks. As a rule, these employ underground parking areas on multiple levels in high realty cost areas to eliminate the space occupied by ramps.
  • Multi-level vehicle display towers either in temporary or permanent settings.
  •  Repurposed buildings that require additional vehicle parking.

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Car lift’s applications

Machinery Directive automotive platform lifts are generally specified for applications requiring vertical transportation of less than 17 meters. Usually, the most common application is moving a car and driver to underground parking areas. The prime advantages of these systems are their easy installation, less building works, reliability and low maintenance. To summarise, applications include:

  • Hotels
  • Residential apartments
  • Office Blocks
  • The display of motor vehicles in showrooms or at exhibitions and motor shows
  • Commercial Car Storage
  • Private Residences
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