Titan International

Titan New Lifts Global Reach

After a presence of many years in the UK and European markets, Titan New Lifts have expanded their reach and are now providing vertical lifting solutions for large scale projects in other regions of the globe.

Recent expansion into the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region has seen Titan New Lifts set up offices in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to support their own local operations and those of their Dubai based partner, Elevator Engineering Enterprises (EEE). Entry in to this region is particularly exciting for Titan New Lifts as the architectural and design frontiers in high rise buildings are continually being challenged. Titan New Lifts’ unique expertise, particularly in developing bespoke elevator solutions, will allow it to create a dynamic new business in the region.

The location of our operation in Dubai was carefully chosen for proximity to markets for our products, availability of local expertise as well as efficient logistics links to all the countries we will be serving.

Titan New Lifts in the MENA

Titan New Lifts has a strong brand presence in the UK and Europe where there are well developed markets for vertical lifting solutions. The company’s record of innovative designs and applications will be well suited to the impressive and fast-growing architectural projects being implemented across the MENA region. Our existing working relationships with large global construction companies will ensure rapid and sustainable growth for the company and allow expansion into further developing markets.

Titan New Lifts in the MENA region now provide the same quality range of vertical lifting solutions and service levels they are renowned for in the UK and Europe. As part of our commitment to the region our UK based team of designers and engineers are now regular visitors to the new office and heir clients to provide training and skill transfer to local staff and contractors.

Our levels of technical and part support for our products will be maintained through well controlled inventory levels at our new facility in Dubai.

Titan New Lift Projects in the MENA

Doha Oasis, Qatar – The project will deliver a high-end mixed-use development including theme parks, 14 residential high-rise blocks, 28 storey 7 star hotel, business centre and cinemas. Titan New Lift will provide supply state of the art lorry lifts of 32 tons capacity and bespoke special design car lift which is supplied with special multimedia glass walls. The multimedia glass cladding of the car lift offers a new feature for brands to showcase their products and services.

Lamborghini Dubai – The largest Lamborghini showroom in the world located over 6 floors in central Dubai (near the Mall of the Emirates) where Titan New Lifts installed a car lift that are purpose designed for safely lifting and holding Lamborghini cars during maintenance procedures and moving the cars between the showroom floors.

Renaissance Downtown Hotel (by Marriott Hotels) in Business Bay, Dubai – A new luxury hotel in downtown Dubai. Titan New Lifts provided bespoke lifts solution to complement the grand designs of the building.