Automatic Car Parking

Fully Automatic Car Parking Solutions in London

Safe, secure , stress free car parking


Innovative vertical lifting solutions provided by Titan New Lifts now include their Automatic Car Parking system which is much more space efficient than traditional designs for mass car parking garages. Titan New Lifts are able to offer solutions that can eliminate up to 50% of the wasted space taken up by ramps and driving lanes in parking garages with the added advantage of reducing CO2 emissions in the process.

The London Inner City posses a challenge to developing underground parking garages due to the large concentration of underground services, utilities and transit systems. Building restrictions above ground limit building heights and carbon footprint. Automatic car parking concepts offer a solution that allows cars to be safely stacked within very close proximity to each other and enable the optimum use of available space.

The concept of an Automatic Car Parking Solution incorporates a heavy duty-racking system, platforms that the cars stand on, a lifting and transfer system to move the cars (on platforms) to the required location on the racks and sophisticated electronic controls to manage the process.

The Titan New Lifts Automated Parking Solution involves parking the vehicle on a metal platform at the entrance to the parking garage. Sensors determine the geometrics of the car before the system allocates a position (cell) in the racking where the car will be stored. An electronically operated turntable arrangement in the parking area can change the platform orientation before the vertical lift. The platform and car are then elevated hydraulically to the predetermined level. Electrically operated servers then propel the platform and car into the cell for storage. The retrieval process is precisely the reverse of the parking procedure.


The car is stored safely in a secure area that is out of the elements and cannot be damaged or stolen.
Park it and forget about it with peace of mind.

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