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Passenger lifts

Titan New Lifts are industry leaders in the specialised field of designing, manufacturing and installing passenger lifts in the UK and abroad, in new and repurposed buildings. Significantly, our uncompromising position on safety, quality and innovation have earned us many industry awards. We are proudly British with our offices in Sidcup, Kent. In addition, we have facilities across the United Kingdom and in Europe.

We offer our clients a full turnkey service from initial project proposals to the final handover of the operational passenger lifts. Our team of experts will guide you through the full process, working with you to offer solutions incorporating the latest passenger moving technology. Furthermore, our technology is efficient while adding to the aesthetic appearance of the building.

The in-house research and development team with their pioneering approach can design a product that can add unique features to your building.

Our company has a reputation for designing passenger lifts for the most demanding applications and locations as well as standard designs. Titan New Lift staff are highly qualified, knowledgeable and flexible. As a result, they will produce bespoke solutions that address specific and out of the ordinary client requirements. Because we are allied with the construction industry, we are acutely aware of developer demands for timeous delivery of building components. Additionally, we employ the latest project management tools to deliver on our promises.

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Market Leaders in Passenger Lift Innovation


Titan New Lifts has adopted an open protocol policy in our passenger lift designs. This results in installed products, components and parts that are largely generic across the industry and are widely available. Future maintenance procedures are simplified, and competitive pricing on parts and servicing reduces operating costs.

The current trends in repurposing older buildings is a market where our team of designers and engineers can best employ their creative skills. They will deliver products that blend in with the surrounding architecture while adding character and efficiency to restored structures.

Titan New Lifts passenger lifts are known for their reliability, limited downtime, and low maintenance costs. Our after sales teams offer very short turn around times on statutory maintenance. They are also available for repairs, inspections and certification procedures.

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Titan Passenger Lifts: Key features


  • Lift Car Operating panels that feature simple and clear buttons allowing both local and foreign passengers to easily operate the passenger lift in all situations, All our push buttons comply with DDA requirements.
  • Concealed and adjustable lighting.
  • Variable operating speeds to suit building management requirements within defined safety parameters.
  •  Optimised Group control software to minimise waiting time for lift users in any size building.
  •  Low energy consumption in keeping with Titan New Lifts’ commitment to providing environmentally sustainable products through energy recovery sub-systems.
  •  Uncompromised safety features with built-in redundancy in the event of any component or system failures.
  •  Ergonomic designs that blend with the surrounding building while creating a comfortable and eye-pleasing appearance.
  •  Designs, finishes and materials that are easily cleaned and kept in hygienic condition.
  •  Personal safety items such as CCTV cameras and monitors can be easily added and integrated with Titan New Lifts products.
  •  All Titan New Lifts are equipped with Accessible alarm buttons and emergency telephone systems for emergencies.

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