Freight Lifts

Freight Lifts

Our team of expert lift engineers and designers at Titan New Lifts provide any number of solutions. They’re here to solve your freight or company cargo lift challenges. We have been supplying high-quality standard, and bespoke solutions for vertical freight lifts for many years. We offer superior lifting capabilities at competitive prices.

Company freight lifts and heavy chain blocks for the capacities higher than 10 tons are subject to strenuous quality controls. Their rugged construction are suitable for lifting freight in retail facilities, manufacturing facilities, airports, hospitals, and warehouses. We produce, supply and install an extensive range of powerful and high-performance company freight lifts. All have varying load capacities and car sizes to solve your complex vertical freight lifting requirements.

Bespoke Company Freight Lift Solutions

Our standard and bespoke company freight lift solutions provide fast, efficient, convenient and safe access. This includes mezzanines, balconies, basements, and multiple levels in almost any building. To summarize, freight lifts can be driven by hydraulic drives (to a limited lifting height). They can also be driven by traction drives (unlimited building and lifting height). Access for freight on pallets is provided by automatically as well as manually closing telescopic landing doors. Folding doors is an option if required.

The floor design and materials are determined by anticipated operating conditions. So they often require entry by mechanical devices such as forklifts and pallet jacks. Floors and door frames are constructed from hard-wearing materials. This limits damage from being bumped and dented by freight transfer in and out of the lift. Our operating systems are of a very high specification and provide excellent level stopping accuracy, safety, and energy efficiency.

Company freight lifts and heavy chain blocks for the capacities higher than 10 tons.They are the workhorses of the vertical lift industry. This is because they are subject to sustained heavy use and, often abuse. This does not mean that they cannot be stylish at the same time. Our designers have a substantial range of materials and accessories designed for style and ease of use. This mean they can stand up to many years of rigorous and heavy use in industrial and commercial settings. Titan New Lifts also offer options for dual role passenger and freight lifts.