Step by Step Guide: Evacuating a Platform Lift

wheelchair lifts evacuation

Primarily, platform lifts are of a multi-purpose use which helps aid different services, i.e. vehicles, goods/services, and wheelchair users. In the UK alone, there are 1.2 million wheelchair users and platform lifts are generally installed for the use of this aid.
In the event of an emergency, a proper procedure should be followed to ensure an individual’s safety. However, evacuating a platform lift is a different process to evacuating a passenger lift.
Here you will find a step-by-step guide on how to evacuate a Hydraulic  platform lift in case of an emergency.

Step 1:wheelchair platform lift evacuation

In the event of an individual being stuck in a platform lift, the passenger should stay calm and assistance will be able to get the individual out as quickly as possible.

Step 2:Hydraulic valve cabinet

Another member of assistance should then find the valve which is located in the service panel (mains electrical supply). This is usually adjacent to the lower landing and helps lower the platform lift down manually to the main exit level.
Platform lifts are commonly installed with a battery back up in the event of a power cut to ensure the safety of those who are less ably bodied.

Step 3:wheelchair user evacuated from fire exit

Once the individual has reached the main exit level, they must be evacuated using the nearest fire exit door to ensure complete safety.

Step 4:wheelchair user

When outside the building, report your/individual’s presence to the person in charge of the evacuation.

Step 5:wheelchair lifts evacuation

All individuals and member of staff must wait outside the building without any attempt to re-enter the building unless told it is safe to do so.

In the event of a fire, all lifts are usually prohibited from being used to ensure safety. Wheelchair users are usually assisted to a designated refuge point, i.e. a lobby, a staircase, or a corridor. Once it is safe to continue with the evacuation, the individual will be evacuated using an evacuation chair if they are unable to bum-scoot down the stairs, which is provided by the fire service. When the individual is on a safe ground level, they will be assisted to the final exit point of the building.

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