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Home lifts are becoming a popular installation as they not only look stylish, they help those who find it more difficult to manoeuvre around the house.
People are wanting to find more reasons to stay in their homes as they get older. Their home is like a living memory of their life and every room has story to be told. So, adding a lift can give someone the confidence to stay in their familiar environment.
Typically, platform lifts are installed into homes using alternative drive systems which are suitable for smaller buildings serving multiple floor levels.
Here are some key benefits that a lift brings to someone’s home.

MobilityHome lift

Home lifts take the pressure off those who are less able to operate around their house. This kind of person wants to move around with ease and without any struggling or hindrance.
Wheelchair users are the most likely consumer to have a platform lift in their home. This is due to the fact it is physically impossible for someone who is a wheelchair user to access the different floors in their home via the stairs.

Lifts Add Assetscost of a home lift

Adding a lift can significantly add value to someone’s home. It is known that adding a platform lift to a home will increase its value by 25%. So, if your house is worth £250,000, by adding a lift to its floor plan will increase that value right up to £312,500. Generally, a standard lift installation can cost anything between £17,000 to £28,000. Vacuum based lifts start at the costs of around £28,000 as they use pumps and turbines, no hoist required. Non-hydraulic lifts are the cheapest of installations as they can begin from a price of £15,000 depending on how basic the installation may be.


Home lifts bring the vibe of luxury and as it is your own lift, your creative ideas for its appearance are endless in terms of the interior design. (Check out our blog on interior design here)

When is the best time to install a lift in your home?

It is best to arrange for a lift installation at a home during construction or re-construction, as the lift shaft can be added anywhere within the building at this stage. This also gives the consumer more choices on the kind of features they may desire to have for their new installation, i.e. size, type of lift, design features.
If you decide to add a lift to an existing home, you will be limited on the location of the lift within the property which can ultimately affect the size as well.

If you are looking to install a home lift, please get in contact with us here at Titan New Lifts so we can assess your home and provide the most suitable product quotation possible.