Titan New Lifts Announces Their Exciting New Agency Partnership with OMER Car Lifts

Omer car parking in the UK

Titan New Lifts Announces Their Exciting New Agency Partnership with OMER Car Lifts Including Distribution Rights for the Full Range of Omer Parking Solutions in the UK

Extending their range of high-quality vertical lift solutions available across the UK, Titan New Lifts is proud to announce that they have signed a long-term agreement with OMER lifts of Italy to act as their agent and to provide a full range of services relating to the distribution of OMER car parking solutions in the UK.

OMER car lifts are manufactured by OMER S.p.A. near Venice in Italy. OMER is the largest producer of car lift solutions in the world and has been an industry leader for the last thirty-five years. They design, manufacture, and install platform style car lifts with capacities ranging from 2 000kg. to 52 000kg. Their automotive products are suitable for the vertical lifting of vehicles ranging from cars to fully loaded trucks and buses. Their range of products also includes heavy duty cargo lifts and stacking solutions for car parking.

Titan New Lift’s director Kevin Hayden says, “we at Titan Heavy Lift are very excited that we can collaborate with a world-class producer of car lifts to bring their brand of superior products to the UK market”. “we are honoured that OMER S.p.A. chose Titan New Lifts as their UK partner. He went on to say that Titan New Lifts and OMER have previously worked together on several projects and that they are very pleased to be formalising the relationship at this stage. After signing the agreement, Mr. hoyden noted that “Titan New Lifts will now be able to fully commit to further enhancing product support and adding value to the design of bespoke or standard solutions for our customers requiring car parking solutions in the UK.”

Titan New Lifts have developed a reputation in the UK for proving a wide range of high quality, safe and effective vertical lifting solutions for their customers. Mr. Hayden made mention of Titan New Lifts’ reputation by saying “this did not happen overnight but with experienced, committed, and highly trained staff we have achieved a standing in the industry that is the envy of our competitors.”

“We will ensure that all OMER car lifts products are assigned the same levels of quality assurance that we apply to all our products.”
The full parking solution range of OMER products are now available through the Titan New Lift network in the UK, and they will be conducting a product awareness campaign for existing and prospective customers over the next two months. Titan Heavy Lift staff will also undergo technical training on the OMER product range and assessments will be done to ensure adequate supplies of spare parts are available. OMER has committed to ongoing support for existing OMER installations in the UK through the Titan New Lifts network.

Please visit our website https://www.titannewlifts.co.uk/car-lift/  or contact us Tel:+442083022924. Details on the full range of OMER car parking solutions are also available on http://www.omerlift.com/en/ . Titan New Lifts look forward to assisting you with all your enquiries.