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Goods Lifts

Titan New Lifts have a strong reputation for their supply and installation of versatile, high quality, and robust goods lifts and as a result, our products are used by a wide range of industrial customers.


We can provide high-quality standard or bespoke solutions for your vertical lift challenges. Our range of goods lifting products have a maximum load capacity of 2000 kilograms. Additionally, they can lift vertically to 18 meters with stops at 2 to 6 different levels depending on the model and type.

service lift by Titan new lifts

Titan New Lifts’ goods lift products includes a wide range of standard design sizes including vertical platform lifts that are installed in “through-the-floor” apertures or adjacent to mezzanine floors. We can also provide lifts for bespoke car sizes where required, which include various door options. Our goods and service lifts are produced from tough, high-grade durable materials with floors made from hard wearing and slip resistant materials. Similarly, our hoist motors are designed for quiet and high-power operation while still being energy efficient.

goods lift by Titan lifts uk

A Titan New Lifts goods lift is designed and engineered to operate in hard wearing environments and will also incorporate an extensive range of safety features. Control panels featuring robust push buttons and fully automated controls ensure ease of use and functionality.

service lift by Titan new lifts

Goods & service lifts from Titan new Lifts provide the perfect solution to your level access requirements and can be supplied in numerous forms as well as low rise open lifts with gates, to goods cabin lifts and step lifts.

goods lift by Titan lifts uk

We are also able to supply and install low level loading bay lifts, trolley lifts and dumb waiter service lifts for the catering sector for example. Some of our goods lifts are able to be supplied as dual-purpose goods and wheelchair lifts offering a solution for both cargo transportation and wheelchair access.

service lift by Titan new lifts

Should you require something a little more bespoke in either design, appearance or platform size, our bespoke platform lifts option may be able to provide a cargo lifting solution to meet your individual requirements.

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