Cabin Lifts

Cabin Lifts

At Titan New Lifts we are able to supply and install a variety of vertical platform lifts that incorporate a cabin or lift car should this be your requirement or preference. They can be provided in a variety of forms and configurations to suit your chosen application with either its own self-supporting structure or in a load baring ‘shaft by others’. These lifts have the ability to be supplied with multiple stops, with landing doors on any 3 sides and a travel of up to 13m with glazed, fire rated or sliding doors as an option depending on the model and design requirements. If supplied with self-supporting structure, this can be supplied with panels or glazing or a combination of both and a choice of colours is available to enable your lift to blend seamlessly into your surrounds or make a bold statement. They can also be installed in an existing or new block-built shaft leaving only the landing doors on view.

Due to the low headroom and shallow pit requirement, our vertical platform lifts can be suited to a range of applications including commercial buildings, public areas and home lifts. Providing safe and easy access for people and light goods they make ideal wheelchair lifts or for transportation for people with impaired mobility without compromising the visual impact of buildings or their surroundings. Our vertical cabin platform lifts can be driven by hydraulic or traction drive.


Cabin platform lifts from Titan new Lifts provide the perfect solution to your level access requirements and the cabins/lift cars come in a range of stylish finishes with lighting and flooring choices as standard but should you require something a little more bespoke in either design, appearance or cabin size, our bespoke platform lifts will provide a stylish and elegant solution that will add a premium look and add to the aesthetics of any building.
Cabin platform lifts can also be provided as goods/service lifts for the transportation of cargo between levels safely and efficiently.


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