Platform Stairlifts

affordable platform stairlift

Platform Stairlifts

At Titan New Lifts we are able to supply and install a range of platform stairlifts on both straight and curved stair cases. They provide an alternative access solution where the provision of vertical platform lifts cannot be accommodated but the need to access different levels by wheelchair users or mobility impaired persons is still required and they can be installed both internally and externally.

outdoor stairlift

Platform Stair Lifts are easy to install on existing stair cases with adequate width and can be stanchion mounted or wall mounted on a load baring wall. They are suited to a range of applications including commercial buildings, public areas and as home lifts in the domestic market.

office stairlift

When not in use, platform stair lifts can fold up automatically providing a space saving solution and reducing obstruction of the stair case.

Indoor stairlift

Platform stairlifts Providing safe and easy access for people

They make ideal wheelchair lifts or for transportation for people with impaired mobility by the addition of a fold down seat on the lift, allowing independent access between level changes without compromising the visual impact of buildings or their surroundings.

Platform wheelchair lift

Our platform stair lifts are available with a variety of platform sizes and options and come with a multitude of safety features as standard such as auto folding barrier arms, pressure sensitive ramps. pressure sensitive platform under pan and over speed safety device.

Titan Stair lift

Quick and easy installation means minimal disruption and inconvenience to others during the installation works.