Step Lifts

Step Lifts

At Titan New Lifts we are able to supply and install a variety of vertical platform lifts that will provide a solution to your access requirements in a stylish and practical package and our range of step lifts are ideally suited for travels up to 3m and are often situated next to steps both internally and externally. Step lifts are usually fitted with gates on the platform and upper level as a protective barrier, and have a multitude of safety features.

Due to only a shallow pit requirement or small incorporated ramp either fixed or automatic folding, our step lifts can be suited to a range of applications including commercial buildings, public areas and as home lifts in the domestic market. Providing safe and easy access for people and light goods they make ideal wheelchair lifts or for transportation for people with impaired mobility independently between level changes without compromising the visual impact of buildings or their surroundings.

Our step platform lifts can be driven by hydraulic cylinders or scissor mechanism and are available with a range of platform sizes and finishes.
Should your project require a more premium bespoke design our bespoke platform lifts will provide a stylish and elegant solution that will complement and add to the aesthetics of any building, combining functionality and beauty in one contemporary design which can feature frameless glass panels, stainless steel and flooring options.
Step lifts can also be provided as goods/service lifts for the transportation of light goods between levels safely and efficiently.

Titan New Lifts have installed a whole range of products into schools, colleges, universities, retail outlets, religious buildings including temples, churches, listed buildings, hotels, restaurants, private domestic properties, dental practices, health centres, hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, vet’s practices etc. Products include passenger lifts, platform lifts, step lifts, incline platform lifts, goods lifts, kitchen lifts, home lifts, car lifts, cabin lifts, screw drive lifts, hydraulic lifts, traction lifts, and all of these products have been supplied to main contractors, shop fitters, interior designers, architects, self-build designers, lift consultants and other lift companies.

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