Wheelchair lifts

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Wheelchair Lifts

Titan New Lifts’ Wheelchair lifts serve a dual purpose of providing access solutions for lifting passengers and light goods where there is a change in level and a ramp is not possible or between floors in residential and commercial buildings. They offer a good solution for buildings with restricted space and no structural design to incorporate standard vertical lift solutions and where there are shallow pit and low headroom restrictions.

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What are the types of Wheelchair Lifts ?

They can range in size and design and Titan New Lifts are able to offer many variants including Vertical Rise Lifts. Cabin lifts, Home lifts, Open lifts, Step Lifts, Platform Stair lifts, and Bespoke platform Lifts.
Our wheelchair lifts can be installed both internally or externally where they are weather resistant to adapt to local environmental requirements. They can be provided with either hydraulic or traction / screw drives and designed to utilise the smallest possible footprint to save valuable floor space.

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These lifts are especially suitable for providing independence and access where facilities need to be provided that cater for persons with disabilities or mobility issues. Ease of use and carefully designed safety features make platform lifts the ideal method to vertically lift persons in wheelchairs or persons with impaired mobility safely and securely.

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They are easily installed in repurposed, refurbished or modified buildings without having to undergo major structural changes. External wheelchair lifts provide a simple solution to challenges created by changes to building codes requiring the provision of upgraded access for persons with disabilities in many public buildings. Some of our wheelchair lifts are able to be supplied as dual-purpose and can also be used as goods/service lifts offering a solution for both wheelchair access and cargo transportation.

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As with all Titan New Lift products, we utilise the latest ergonomic designs and top-quality materials to provide stylish, cost-effective, efficient and low maintenance solutions for clients’ requirements. Titan New Lifts are able to supply and install all their wheelchair lifts to exacting standards that add to the aesthetic value of buildings, while meeting or exceeding prescribed functionality and safety requirements.

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