Aston Martin Nottingham Car Lift

Aston Martin’s new flagship showroom in Nottingham required a car lift ( with a driver on board ) that would serve 3 floors with opposite entrances. This would allow access to showrooms on the Ground and 1st Floors and also to the roof level for additional car storage.

The Omer Totalmove with a 3000mm x 6000mm platform and load capacity of 3000kg was selected as the best vehicle lift to fulfil their specific requirements, especially with a minimal pit depth of 250mm and a headroom of 2700mm. Omer vehicle lifts are renowned for their reliability and have been installed in many locations in the UK and worldwide so were ideal for this busy showroom.

The lift had to be attached to 2 x steel uprights as no load bearing wall was available. The enclosure was then formed around the platform for a clean airy finish. External shutter doors, interlinked with the lift, were installed at both Ground and Roof levels. The client supplied bespoke wooden doors for the 1st Floor showroom which were then interlinked with the lift.

After a successful installation the car lift is now transporting James Bond’s marque of choice on a regular basis at this busy facility.

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