new platform lift in bloomsbury theatre in London

Titan New Lifts Platform Division have recently installed two new Platform Lifts at the entrance to Bloomsbury Theatre. These two new platform lifts replaced the existing products which due to their age had proved unreliable and required updating. The new Platform Lifts supplied by Titan New Lifts are now fully enclosed, protecting the users from the elements, and were supplied in a special colour to match the theatre surrounding finishes. The Platform Lifts come with fully automatic doors along with full battery back up operation. Titan New Lifts removed and disposed of the original Platform Lifts and also worked with a local building contractor to ensure all proprietary works were completed for the new installations. Titan New Lifts are proud to have been awarded this project and our client was delighted with the finished works now being able to provide reliable wheelchair access to the Theatre.

The Bloomsbury Theatre is a theatre on Gordon Street, Bloomsbury, in the London Borough of Camden, owned by University College London.
The Theatre has a seating capacity of 547 and offers a professional programme of innovative music, drama, comedy and dance all year round.
The main theatre was closed for building works in 2015 which were due to be completed at the end of 2018.
Funded by a UGC grant and a considerable private donation, the theatre was opened in 1968 as the Collegiate Theatre, and was renamed the Bloomsbury Theatre in 1982.