Disabled Platform Lifts prices

disabled house lift prices

Disabled Platform Lifts prices

In the UK it is estimated that one in twenty people have some form of permanent or temporary disability that impacts on their ability to access and utilise buildings and similar facilities. The urban environment, especially in times gone by, was not designed with the needs of people with disabilities in mind. This has led the need for innovative solutions to make buildings accessible to differently abled people.

In multiple storied buildings, a passenger lift is the most suitable form of access for people moving between the levels in the building. The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 requires that owners and operators of buildings accessible to the general public make reasonable adjustments to remove physical barriers that limit the mobility of persons with disabilities. The national building regulations also determine the minimum facilities required to make buildings (other than dwellings) easily accessible for persons with disabilities.


Consideration Before Installing a Disabled Platform Lift

  • Legal requirements
  • Installation costs
  • Health and Safety implications
  • Anticipated utilisation
  • Aesthetic impact on building design


 Disabled Platform Lifts Prices

Bespoke disabled person platform lifts do not necessarily have to cost a fortune, but architects, designers, and engineers do need a different approach to these lifts compared to standard passenger lifts. This is particularly important when it comes to capacity calculations in buildings and facilities that cater for large volumes of people with disabilities. The designed capacity, length of vertical lift, and finishes all have an impact on the final price.


Incline Platform Stairliftsincline platform lift London

Incline platform stairlifts are generally bespoke and are most commonly retrofitted in buildings to ensure legal compliance. Since they are individually produced as they follow the form of the staircase, they tend to be more expensive than other options. The pricing is primarily influenced by the length of the guide rails, the number of bends of the rails, and the complexity of the anchoring system. Incline Platform Stairlifts can be installed inside a building or in a weatherproof design for outdoor installation.  The design allows for the stairlift to be mounted to the right or left of the staircase.

Fully installed product prices range between £ 9 000.00 and £ 25 000.00


Platform Step Lifts

Platform step lifts are most commonly used to bypass short flights of stairs. They are limited vertical lifts and are often located next to existing steps. Indoor and weatherproof outdoor options are available.  As they provide safe and secure access for people and light goods, they make ideal wheelchair lifts or for transportation for people with impaired mobility. Platform step lifts come in a wide range of colours and finishes, including glass with a multitude of safety features and fittings to increase functionality.

Prices range between £ 9 000.00 and £ 15 000.00 depending on the required vertical lift travel, drive system (hydraulic or scissors), finishes and functional options chosen.


Enclosed Platform Lifts

Enclosed platform lifts offer an efficient and safe solution for more extended vertical travel heights in multi-floor buildings. There are many variants of enclosed platform lifts include vertical rise lifts, cabin lifts, home lifts, and wheelchair lifts. They make ideal wheelchair lifts or for transportation for people with impaired mobility without compromising the visual impact of buildings or their surroundings. Cabin designs are highly customisable, allowing for a range of colours, finishes, and fittings that are fit for purpose and match the aesthetics of the building.

Fully installed, an enclosed platform lift will cost between £ 11 000.00 and £25 000.00 depending, again, on lift travel, drive system (hydraulic or scissors), finishes and functional options chosen.


Home Lifts

Home lifts are specifically designed for domestic properties where space is limited, but there is a vertical lifting requirement for people between various levels. Where the person or persons using a home lift have impaired mobility, it is essential to consider the use of the appliances/aids. These include wheelchairs, mobility scooters and walker frames used by the resident in determining the size and lifting capacity of the cabin or platform required. Home lifts can be retroactively fitted in residences but may require structural building remodelling in certain instances.

Home lifts become an integral, and often a central feature of a home. Clients may choose from a wide range of colours, finishes, materials, and fittings, allowing for personalised cabin designs. Tinted glass is an optional feature to suit the modern home. Subject to local building regulations, homeowners may choose to have an external all weather installation which would not have an impact on the internal floor space of a home.

Prices range from £ 14 000.00 to £ 26 000.00 depending on factors such as the lift travel and optional extras chosen.


As industry leaders, providing vertical lifting solutions for people with impaired mobility has become a valuable product and service offering for Titan New Lifts’ dedicated team of Titan. The company has a reputation for designing passenger and platform lifts for the most demanding applications and locations as well as standard designs at very competitive prices. Their service and product support are highly rated and they look forward to helping design, manufacture and install the perfect lift for your home or building.

All Titan New Lifts feature state of the art design and engineering, careful attention to detail and a commitment to the safety and security of those who step into our lifts. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your next lift project.